At Flying Tiger Press, you’ll find stories about people– people grappling with new magical abilities, venturing on journeys of self-discovery, finding love in unexpected places. The battles fought are on home ground. The stakes played are closest to the heart.

Flying Tiger books. Where magic gets personal

Flying Tiger Press is the imprint for Kathlena L. Contreras and K. Lynn Bay.

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Blackthorne - K. Lynn BayChanceShaper - K. Lynn BaySpringtime in Hades - K. Lynn Bay, Kathlena L. ContrerasShadowbound - Kathlena L. ContrerasFamiliar Magic - Kathlena L. ContrerasCrooked Magic by Kathlena L. ContrerasCould It Be Magic - Kathlena L. ContrerasThis Magic Moment - Kathlena L. ContrerasDo You Believe in Magic - Kathlena L. ContrerasForeshadow by Kathlena L. Contreras



Blackthorne - K. Lynn Bay

Summer Steal – Blackthorne

Blackthorne is FREE* through August 13. Go here to find it at your favorite e-bookstore. *Amazon won’t allow me to sell the book for less than 99 cents. If you want Blackthorne for Kindle, email me and I’ll gift you a copy. A dark lord from another universe. A lonely young woman. A fateful meeting …

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Fated Magic cover

Fated Magic – Chapter 21

It’s countdown to publishing date now. A bit more work and the book will be ready for prime time. Here’s the cover, which I’m pretty darned pleased with. Now I just have to get the descriptive blurb. In the meantime, here’s another chapter. The cards she laid were a nightmare. Emilia swept up the third …

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Fated Magic – Chapter 20

I’M DONE! I’M DONE! I’M DONE! I just finished the book, the last word of the last sentence of the last chapter! Now it’s just a matter of tinkering and getting everything just right, then working on the cover and blurb. By the way, this isn’t the last chapter. There are seven to go. Emilia …

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Fated Magic – Chapter 19

Woo-hoo! I’m working on the last chapter now! After that, it’ll just be getting Fated Magic ready for publication. Want me to notify you when the book is published? Would you like a free advance copy for review? Contact me or sign up for my mailing list. “Oh!” Emilia stopped short in the entertainment room’s …

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