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Nov 19

Could It Be Magic – Chapter 4

Do You Wanna Party

Jas was up to something.

Amethyst sat at her worktable foiling glass for a commission, an Art Deco stained glass entry door depicting aspens in full golden fall glory. Songs from one of her playlists bopped in the background. Foiling didn’t require a lot of mental horsepower, so she had plenty of opportunity to chew over events since The Kiss. Not that she hadn’t already been chewing them over…and over.

Two weeks, and nothing more than a couple of casual lunches like she and Jas had shared occasionally in the past. He did drop by her office once while Amethyst did her consultant gig at Magus. It wasn’t like she kept regular hours, so it meant he was keeping an eye on when she checked in and out of the building.

“So what the hell?” she asked Caramela, who lay at her feet chewing on an Extreme Kong. “First he’s all, ‘Marry me, marry me,’ now he’s like, ‘Hey, what’ve you been up to lately? Haven’t talked to you in a while.’” She finished running a piece of white glass through the foiling machine and picked up the next one. “He should make up his damned mind.”

Skronk skronk went Caramela’s Kong in counterpoint to the funk tune playing over the speakers.

Amethyst foiled a few more pieces, tapping her foot half to the music, half in irritation.

“He was probably disappointed in that kiss,” she said. “Or maybe he’s decided I’m not worth the trouble. Let me down easy, go back to the friendly professional collaboration.” She set the glass on the pile with a clink. “That’s what I wanted all along, anyway,” she muttered. “He could’ve just let things be. Everything was fine. No, he has to go and make me feel like a loser.”

I’m hot! boasted the singer in the song that was playing.

“Well, maybe you are,” she told him. “Because I’m clearly not.”

Caramela got up, shook and went to the door, asking to go out. Amethyst followed her to the back door. Wagging her tail, Caramela waited by the glass door smeared with dog nose prints, then trotted out when Amethyst slid it open. Amethyst went outside too.

It had snowed a little last night. The Sandia Mountains, looming huge over the Griegos’ rooftop on the left, were frosted white on the top, like a wedding cake. Even here in Albuquerque, a layer of snow lingered in the shadow of the concrete block wall that surrounded her backyard. She folded her arms against the chill.

Caramela made quick work of her business. Pit bulls weren’t designed to be outdoors in cold weather. Besides having short coats, their undercarriage was mostly naked. Amethyst let both of them back inside, then wandered into the kitchen for a snack.

Her phone rang—that techno beat buzzing in her pocket. Something in her middle leapt up. “Shut up,” she told it and pulled out her phone.

“Hey, Jas. Whatup?”

“’Whatup?’” he repeated.

Her lips wanted to pull up in a smile. She pursed them to keep them down. “It’s the music I’ve been listening to. Sorry. Can I help you?”

“That’s even worse,” he said.

“Since we’re back on a professional footing, it seemed appropriate.”

“We are? I’m sorry to hear that. I was planning on inviting you to a party.”

“A party.” A burst of happiness bubbled through her. She scowled at it to chase it off, but it kept bouncing around.

“At the home of a business associate,” he said. “I suppose you’d call it a cocktail party. Jacket and tie for men, dresses for women.”

The bubble popped. “I don’t know, Jas. That doesn’t sound quite like my kind of thing.”

“I understand. I can always get someone else.”

“Can I think about it?” her mouth said without her deciding to. She squeezed her eyes shut and caught her tongue between her teeth.

“Not too long,” he said. “It’s this weekend.”

“I’ll let you know by tonight. Okay?”

“I’ll look forward to hearing from you.” She could hear the smile in his voice.

She ended the call before she could say anything else stupid.

Amethyst rested her elbows on the counter, trying to catch her breath. When she was pretty sure her voice would stay even, she picked up her phone again and tapped the icon with Melodie’s picture.

“I’ve got an emergency,” she said when Melodie answered. Her voice wasn’t steady at all. “I need your help.”

“What?” Melodie said, alarmed. “What happened, Wiz?”

“I’m invited to a cocktail party, and I don’t have a clue what to wear.”

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Nov 04

Could It Be Magic – Chapter 3

I got a lot of writing done this weekend, so here’s the next chapter of the latest Land of Enchantment book. If you missed the beginning, click here to read it.

Kiss Me

“You’re pretty quiet, Wiz,” Melodie Odham said. “Something tells me things didn’t go well yesterday.”

Amethyst had known Melodie since their days in UNM’s Information Technology program. Even after leaving computers for stained glass, they remained best friends. Melodie had given Amethyst the nickname ‘Wiz’, short for ‘whiz kid.’ Neither of them knew then how appropriate it was…and not for Amethyst’s aptitude with computers.

“Actually,” Amethyst said, “it did go well. I got to drive his car. We had lunch at The Shed. Jas took me to see his old house when he lived in Santa Fe.”

“Uh-huh,” Melodie said. “And you’re slouching along the trail with your hands in your coat pockets and your head down because you’re giddy with joy.”

She was, in fact, doing exactly that. Not even enjoying the glint of sunlight on the Rio Grande River, the huge cottonwoods of the bosque all around them, brown leaves clinging to their branches silhouetted against another perfect blue New Mexico sky. Ignoring both her best friend and poor Caramela, who’d picked up a stick and was prancing happily along with it.

“Okay,” she said. “It went well until we got back to my house.”

Melodie perked up.

“He walked me to the door. He started to kiss me.” She walked several steps, her footsteps almost silent on the soft earth of the trail. “Mel, I panicked.”

“You what? Why—? Oh. Oh.” Melodie frowned, puzzled. “Are you saying you haven’t kissed him since—then?”

Melodie knew about the binding Jas had laid on her—and exactly how he’d gone about doing it. She was the only person who did.

Amethyst nodded.

“My god, Wiz,” Melodie burst out. “He’s kissed you exactly once? And that’s it? Nothing else? The man asked you to marry him!”

She threw up the hand not holding Caramela’s leash. “I know, huh? Why do you think I told him no?”

“Because he’s Jas Harker?”

Amethyst grinned. “Besides that. Things have to be done in the proper order, I tell him. Now he leans in for a kiss and it’s all I can do to keep from throwing the whammy on him and running inside and locking myself in the house. It was the most humiliating moment of my life.”

“You’ve had several most-humiliating moments in your life. Usually to do with men.”

“Acting like a dork on a date is one thing. Turning into a quivering knot of sheer terror when your date tries to kiss you is a whole new level of humiliation.”

Melodie gave her a sharp look. “You’re not exaggerating, are you?”

“I wish.”

A flock of waterfowl on the river made faint music. Overhead, ravens croaked, dive-bombing a bald eagle on a cottonwood branch. The eagle looked pretty nonchalant about the whole thing, gazing around as if no such harassment was taking place.

“Well, what’d he do when it happened?” Melodie said.

“Promptly backed off. Then said he could wait.”

Melodie’s eyes went wide. “Whoa. That’s serious stuff. What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know, Mel. I can handle Jas when he’s being Mr. Pushy CEO. When he’s being considerate…” She sighed. “Not so much.”

“There’s something I’m not understanding here. I thought you wanted to put him off the whole let’s-take-this-to-the-next-level plan. What you describe would definitely qualify. So what’s the problem?”

“I don’t know!”

At the tone of her voice, Caramela dropped her stick and nosed Amethyst’s hand. She reached down and stroked the dog to soothe her.

“Okay, I lied,” Amethyst said. “I do know. The thing is, I don’t want to be one of those women twisted up in a seriously unhealthy relationship.”

“A man you can’t even bring yourself to kiss, because the last time you kissed him, he put the whammy on you.”

“That’s the part the falls under the ‘seriously unhealthy’ heading.”

“Okay, I get that. I also get why you’d react the way you did.”

Welded iron jetty jacks with rusty steel cable strung between for erosion control crossed the trail, looking like relics from some World War II battlefield. Amethyst and Caramela ducked under the cable between a tangle of dead vegetation, waited for Melodie to follow then continued on.

“Look,” Melodie resumed. “You know I’m no big fan of Jas Harker after what he did. Obviously he’s done some convincing between then and now for you to be friendly with him. I’ll respect that and not badmouth him. Anyway, it’s obvious you’re still attracted to him.”

Amethyst scowled

Melodie waved a hand. “Truth hurts, huh? Anyway, I think the problem is that the way you reacted caught you by surprise.”

“I was nervous about how I should handle the whole good-night scenario,” Amethyst said. “I sure didn’t expect to have a meltdown on the front porch.”

Melodie nodded. “Then I guess you have to decide which is stronger. The attraction? Or the fear?” She gave Amethyst a frown. “And if it turns out the fear is the attraction, I’ll tell you right now, I’m going to stage an intervention. Because even if it’s none of my damn business, I’m not about to let my BFF get tangled up in that kind of crap without trying to do something about it.”

“Trust me,” Amethyst said. “I don’t find fear the least bit attractive.”

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Oct 30

Lindsey Stirling Wins the Wild West

I ran across Lindsey Stirling on a blog I often read. She’s an indie dubstep fiddler who does her own music videos. She also has a fantasy video, but I actually like this one better– I guess you could consider it steampunk. The dancing in this one is awesome.


Oct 27

Could It Be Magic – Chapter 2

Here’s a new chapter of Book 5 in The Land of Enchantment series. Click here to read Chapter 1.

Santa Fe

Amethyst’s relationship was Jas wasn’t, as she’d told Mama, strictly a professional one. But it sure wasn’t a romantic one, either. She was morbidly curious to find out what a real, live, official date with him would be like after…whatever it was they had.

She stood in front of her closet, flipping through hangers. Jas had said they were going to Santa Fe for the day, which left a lot of room for clothing options. The disgusting thing was that she was actually agonizing over what to wear.

“What do you think, Caramela?” She glanced over her shoulder at her caramel-colored pit bull, who lay on the bed in the middle of a scattering of skirts and slacks, shells and camisoles and cardigans.

“Do I go with don’t-give-a-damn jeans and a sweatshirt?”

Caramela just looked up from where her chin rested on her paws and whapped her tail on the comforter.

“You’re right,” Amethyst said. “Since I’m agonizing, I must give a damn.”

She picked up a silk cami top she’d found on Etsy dyed in garnet and gold and indigo, something that actually looked good on her—well, the polite term would be slim or lean—but in plainer words, her flat-chested figure. Or lack of figure, as she tended to think of it.

“On the other hand,” she said to Caramela, “I don’t want to make it look like I’m trying to impress him. That would send exactly the wrong message.”

She stroked the camisole’s cool, vivid silk with the backs of her fingers. It wasn’t the kind of thing she got to wear very often.

“Oh, hell,” she said and snagged a pair of nice jeans from the mess on the bed.

Jeans would dress the cami down. A black cardigan and boots, and she’d look like she only gave half a damn.

She wasn’t much into makeup and hair anyway, so she just put on a little mascara and some tinted lip gloss, caught her dark hair back in a beaded barrette she’d found at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center and called it good.

She was dithering over whether or not she should wear something else after all when the doorbell rang. Caramela launched herself off the bed and thundered down the hall with her smoker’s-voice barks. Amethyst took one last, doubtful look at herself in her closet mirror, sighed and followed Caramela to the front door.

Jas waited outside. His usual charming smile faded. He blinked, looked her up and down and said, “Good morning, Amethyst.”

He didn’t say it caressingly. Not quite.

“Um, hi,” she said. “Come on in. I’ll get my coat and Caramela settled for the day.”

Caramela gave Jas a thorough sniffing-over. The stiff wag of her tail said, Okay, Mom’s talking to you, but I still don’t trust you. And she was keeping Jas’ attention on her instead of Amethyst. Good dog.

That helpful little diversion fell apart when Jas took Amethyst’s coat and held it for her.

Damn. Suggestive Jas she could handle. Gentleman Jas was harder to resist. She avoided his eye as she slipped into the coat, then made a business of giving Caramela a goodbye kiss on top of the head and locking the door, even though technically, she really didn’t need to lock it. The wards on her house did a much better job of protection than any lock.

Jas’ emerald green Infiniti IPL looked as incongruous parked on her cracked driveway as a coach-and-four. At least she’d been able to replace the old garage door and the single-paned windows with insulated vinyl ones, as well as put in some nice xeric landscaping recently. Now her house looked cute, not just old. Jas circled around to the passenger side and opened the car door.

“Thanks,” she muttered, ignoring the fluttering taking place in her middle.

She’d known the man for, what, something like two years now? Subtracting the year or so she’d spent pretending he didn’t exist. You’d think she’d be past falling for his gentlemanly wiles. Apparently not.

He twisted the key and the Infiniti purred like a waking tiger. Turning and hooking an arm around the back of her seat, he backed down the driveway and swung into the street. At the bottom of the hill, he slid the car into a break in traffic on Eubank.

“Not fair,” he said. “Wearing something that begs to be touched, when anywhere I touch it will get me in trouble.”

She tugged her cardigan closed, trying—and failing—not to think of him stroking the silk of her cami. This was not a good beginning.

“I knew I should’ve worn a sweatshirt.”

He laughed. “Don’t worry, I’ll be good.”

Although that sidelong, crinkle-eyed smile said exactly the opposite. Or maybe not. It depended on what he meant by ‘good.’

Driving along I-40, the silence was positively painful. They passed Uptown, the Magus Building reflecting the mall, the freeway, the surrounding buildings in its 25 stories of green glass.

“So,” she said. “Any new magical incursions on the business?”

“No, we are not talking shop today. This is our chance to get to know one another better.”

“We do know each other better,” she muttered.

“In certain contexts.”

“Yeah. Crises.”

He grinned. “You can always pretend this is one.”

That got her to laugh. “Okay, how’s this? This is exactly why I hate dating.” She waved her hands. “Doing this getting-to-know-you thing without coming across like a complete dweeb.”

“There’s a way around that. You could marry me.”

She folded her arms and glared at him.

“What?” he said, all innocence.

“You know what.”

“It wasn’t a proposal. Only an observation.”

Of course it was.”

He gave an enigmatic smile. She would not ask what that was all about.

The usual string of slowpokes was absent, so he was able to take the flyover between I-40 and northbound I-25 with enough speed to induce G-forces. Amethyst hung on and enjoyed it.

“Hey,” she said. “If you really want to win my heart, you could let me drive this someday.”

He threaded through traffic and punched it. The Infiniti gave a muted howl and zipped past the surrounding cars.

“There, you see?” he said. “I’ve just learned you love fine cars. Was that so bad?”

“Huh. Most guys would consider that an example of dweebishness.”

“I’m not ‘most guys,’ and I don’t.”

She glanced at him, surprised. It was ridiculous how such a simple statement could spark such a warm, friendly glow.

“Oh,” she said. “That’s…good.”

“I’m encouraged,” he said. “You do care what I think of you. I’ll press my advantage, then. As soon as we’re out of town, I’ll pull over and let you drive the rest of the way to Santa Fe.”

Daring her to say no, damn him. “Okay. But you’d better know I was exaggerating when I said you’d win my heart.”

He slid her another smile. “I have other plans for that.”

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Oct 18

A Land of Enchantment Romance

After I finished Crooked Magic, Book 3 of the Land of Enchantment series, I began thinking about the next novel in the series. I’d already written This Magic Moment, a short story that takes place about a year after Crooked Magic, and knew how I wanted the next novel to start. But then I got to thinking, wait a minute. There’s a lot that happens between the end of This Magic Moment and the beginning of the next Enchantment novel. I really need to fill that gap.

The result is a romance. I had so much fun writing This Magic Moment I couldn’t resist seeing how Jas and Amethyst’s relationship continues to develop. Of course, since it’s Jas and Amethyst, it won’t be smooth and easy, no matter how much Jas expects it to be.

I’ll be posting chapters here. My writing production isn’t always smooth, either (being subject to the demands of the day job and such), so I can’t promise a regular schedule. But I’ll post as often as I can. I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I am writing it!

Could It Be Magic

The Land of Enchantment – Book 5

Kathlena L. Contreras

Chapter 1 – The Hunt


She was being hunted.

Amethyst Rey knew it as well as the deer knows when she catches the scent of a mountain lion. She could almost feel the hunter’s dark gaze on her, gliding along her neck over the curve of her shoulder, down her arm and wrist to caress her hand where it guided the mouse across the desktop. She imagined she caught a whiff of his aftershave, tangy and musky like the desert after a rain. The air whispering through the ceiling vent might’ve been his breath on her ear, on the back of her neck.

She gave her ponytail a flip as if dislodging a pesky fly and opened herself to the magic.

Even here in the Magus Building, in the middle of what was arguably some of the most advanced tech in the state of New Mexico—including the two national labs—the magic shimmered and glowed to her wizard’s eye, an ether that surrounded and permeated everything. Without looking up from the lines of code on the screen in front of her, she conjured a ward.

“Is that really necessary?” a man’s voice said behind her.

Amethyst jumped and spun in her chair, her heart jackhammering. “Dammit, Jas! Don’t do that!”

Jas leaned against the doorjamb, picture of the business magnate at ease—dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, sage green tie loosened, black hair gelled in attractive disarray. His eyes, deep and dark as a forest pool on a moonless night, sparkled with amusement under uneven brows—one had a teasing little quirk to it. Those damned crinkles at the corners of his eyes dared her to be annoyed with him.

“Sorry,” he said. “I thought you knew I was here.”

Charm had its limits. She sat back in her chair and folded her arms. “I knew you were somewhere. So did you have a specific reason for spying on me?”

“I wasn’t spying on you. I came to ask you out.”

“Out,” she repeated.

“On a date.”

She eyed him. “Isn’t it sexual harassment or something when your boss keeps hitting on you?”

“I’m your boss now, am I?”

“You know what I mean.”

“’Corporate tycoon seizes innocent young woman in his clutches.’” He gave an evil grin and rubbed his hands together. “I like that.”

“I don’t think I ever claimed to be innocent.”

The grin became a seductive smile. “’Come for me, Ana,’” he said in a husky voice.

Her face went hot. So did some other things. But getting hot and bothered with Jas Harker, wizard, owner of Magus Corporation and world-class conniver wasn’t in the cards for the foreseeable future. If ever.

“I cannot believe you read that stuff,” she said. “And here I thought all this time you were a gentleman.”

“How about this, then? Come out with me.”

He never gave up.

“Why the look?” he said. “Dating was your idea. Have you changed your mind?”

She heaved a sigh. “Okay, fine. I’ll go out with you. But on two conditions.”

“Only two?”

She ignored that. “First, no wining and dining. And no proposals of marriage.”

“Ever?” he said, sounding a little dismayed.

She wasn’t swayed. “Not unless you enjoy the sound of the word ‘no.’”

“You’re a hard woman, Amethyst Rey.”

“You have no idea.”

That teasing light came back into his eyes. “You’re making me a hard man.”

“You’re not helping your cause.”

The usual smooth charm returned. “All right,” he said. “If the bad-boy attitude doesn’t appeal, I’ll behave myself. But I have conditions of my own.”

“Uh-huh. Let’s hear them.”

“No standing me up. And no date sabotage.”

“Damn.” She snapped her fingers. “Headed off at the pass.”

“I’m serious. If you agree to go out with me, you have to give it a chance.”

She thought about it. He could be pretty good company, even if he was a devious conniver. And if she wanted to be perfectly honest with herself, there’d been a time when she would’ve been thrilled (if intimidated) to go out with him.

“Okay, I promise” she said. “How about you?”

“I won’t put you under obligation with expensive outings and gifts. As for marriage proposals…” He tilted his head. “Isn’t that the point of dating?”

Amethyst opened her mouth to argue, but nothing came out.

* * *

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Oct 11

This Magic Moment

Here’s a sample of This Magic Moment, a Land of Enchantment short story available on Amazon.


Amethyst Rey stared at what lay inside the little box on the linen tablecloth.

A ring. White gold—or platinum. Candlelight glittered on the spray of diamonds surrounding a stone the size of her little fingernail. It was a purple so deep and rich it looked fake.

An amethyst. Of course. And she somehow knew it wasn’t fake.

The murmur of other diners in suits and little black dresses wove in and out of discreet piano music. Amethyst’s concession to dressing up consisted of a silk boatneck top, broomstick skirt in shades of indigo, purple and violet and a silver concho belt.

She concentrated on keeping her voice low and reasonable. “You have got to be kidding me.”

Across the table from her, Jas Harker wore an ever-so-earnest look. “Never.”

She should’ve known something was up: dinner at Blue Coyote in Santa Fe, Jas dressed in a sport coat and opened-collared shirt, opening the door of his emerald-green Infiniti IPL convertible. Good-looking as always with his black hair freshly barbered into stylish disarray, those deep, dark eyes, the mismatched brows, one with a little quirk to it.

She shook her head. So much charm…so little reliability.

“What are you up to now?” she said.

He carefully pushed his dessert plate aside and folded pale, clever fingers in front of him. “I want you to marry me.”

Amethyst leaned an elbow on the table. Candlelight traced a glass cut on the side of her thumb—occupational hazard for a stained glass artist. “I got that part. What I’m wondering is what else you want.”

“What else do you think I want?”

With Jas, there was always something else. But since she’d been enjoying a very nice night out with him, she probably shouldn’t mention that.

“Maybe one binding isn’t enough,” she said. “Maybe now you want the legal kind.”

He sighed and took a sip of wine. “A man usually asks a woman to marry him because he loves her.”

“Except you’re not a man.”

He leaned close and whispered, “Try me.”

She held her ground. “A professional collaboration seems to be working pretty well. Anything closer…” She turned sideways and crossed her legs. “Um, no.”

His mouth ticked up on one side. “Ah-ha. That’s what this is about. ‘Amethyst, insecure in her abilities, rejects a degree of closeness that might reveal her mediocrity.’”

Her face went hot. “Mediocrity? Mediocrity?”

He wore an innocent look. “Am I wrong about that?”

She spluttered and swept a hand around her. The restaurant disappeared. Piñon pines and juniper trees replaced the other diners. Instead of faux-painted walls, a night sky with stars like slivers of glass surrounded them. Crickets’ music took the place of the tinkling piano.

“Nice.” Jas grinned and drew a finger along the candle flame. It turned a rich rose color and twined patterns upward in the darkness. “So much more intimate.”

“That wasn’t—I didn’t—” She fumbled at the magic. Nothing happened. She tried again.

He caught her hand. “Here. Let me.”

The restaurant blinked back in. The ring was on her finger, too.

Amethyst yanked it off and plunked it back into its box.

He watched with amused tolerance, the kind of look one would use with a puppy’s silly antics. “So you aren’t insecure.”


“Are you sure?”


He leaned back, twirled the stem of his glass between his fingers. “So. Are you up to a challenge?”

She folded her arms. “Name it.”

“How about a little contest of wizardry?”

“Let me guess. You win, I marry you.”

“Exactly the stakes I had in mind.”

She snorted a laugh. “I don’t think so.”

“Then you don’t trust your powers.”

Amethyst gave him a sweet smile, tipped her head to one side and sent him into the middle of the parking lot. One Brooks Brothers shoe remained underneath the table.

For good measure, she put on a curse that would make the sole come off the first time it was exposed to water.

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Oct 05

This Magic Moment

New Release by Kathlena L. Contreras

A Land of Enchantment short story – Book 4 –

This Magic Moment cover2

Amazon buy button

What’s a wizard-woman to do when the rich, good-looking CEO of a major computer security corporation asks her to marry him?

If the woman in question is Amethyst Rey and the CEO is charming, devious Jas Harker, the wizard she wouldn’t trust to walk her across the street, the answer is a definite NO! But Jas isn’t the kind of man to take “no” for an answer. When a semi-friendly contest of wizardry escalates into an all-out magical duel, Amethyst has to decide if she wants Jas out of her life completely…

Or a permanent part of it.

Available on Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia and other Amazon stores around the world.

Author’s note:

Although this story takes place about a year after the end of Crooked Magic, I actually wrote it first. This story was so much fun for me that it was hard to keep it under wraps until Crooked Magic was finished.

Aug 31

99-Cent Sale on Flying Tiger Books

September is Sale Month for Flying Tiger books

To celebrate the release of Crooked Magic, $0.99 promotions are running through the month of September for most Flying Tiger Press titles. Check them out on Amazon.

By K. Lynn Bay:

September 1 – 4 – ChanceShaper ChanceShaper - K. Lynn Bay



Blackthorne by K. Lynn Bay

September 9 – 12 – Blackthorne 






By Kathlena L. Contreras:

The Land of Enchantment

Familiar Magic by Kathlena L. ContrerasSeptember 18 – 21 – Familiar Magic


Do You Believe in Magic by Kathlena L. ContrerasSeptember 25 – 27 – Do You Believe in MagicFREE!


Crooked Magic by Kathlena L. ContrerasOctober 2 – 5 – Crooked Magic






I love to hear from readers! Contact me here, on Facebook, or write a review on your favorite site.

Aug 20

Crooked Magic

Kathlena L. Contreras

– The Land of Enchantment – Book 3

Wizards are back and selling their services to the people in power. Amethyst Rey has just been outed as a wizard, and now she’s for sale to the highest bidder—whether she wants to be or not.

Amethyst just wants to live quietly as a stained glass artist. But when she and Talys, her familiar, confront another wizard who’s meddling in local New Mexico politics, she lands herself square in the sights of the shadowy figure called Ragman, a headhunter who supplies wizards to corporate clients.

When the game of cat and mouse with Ragman and his hired thugs turns deadly, Amethyst is forced to partner with Jas Harker, the wizard who almost ensnared her last year. But charming, devious Jas always has his own agenda. And this time, he’s maneuvering to pick up where he and Amethyst left off.

Click here to read a sample of Crooked Magic, or… Amazon buy button

Crooked-Magic3-800 Cover reveal and Promotional (2)

Also available at Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia and other Amazon stores around the world.

May 12

Crooked Magic Blurb

Okay, so the book is finished and the cover is ready. The only thing left is the all-important blurb. What’s the story about?

A lot– maybe most– authors hate writing blurbs. I won’t say it isn’t hard. I can sit down and spend hours putting a blurb together, then days after that tinkering with it until it seems right. And I do have to get myself in a certain frame of mind to write one. But actually, I don’t hate doing it. Sometimes it’s even kind of fun.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s my first stab at the blurb for Crooked Magic. What do you think?

Wizards are back and doing what they did in past ages—meddling in the affairs of ordinary folk. But as far as Amethyst Rey is concerned, a bunch of other wizards who’ve been out of the world for however-many centuries aren’t gonna come stomping in and rearranging the world to suit themselves. Albuquerque is her town, and she’ll protect it.

That was the idea, anyway—until Amethyst lands square in the sights of the shadowy figure who calls himself Ragman, a broker who sells wizards’ services to the highest bidder. If she wants to keep her freedom, Amethyst will have to take extreme measures. And the most extreme is partnering with charming, devious Jas Harker, who’s determined to pick up where Amethyst broke things off last year.

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