Familiar Magic

Kathlena L. Contreras

– The Land of Enchantment – Book 1 –

Something is devouring wizards. And Amethyst Rey just discovered she’s next on the menu. –


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Amethyst is being stalked. Odd gifts appear on her doorstep. A black Mustang lurks in front of her house. But when the car—minus a driver—snatches her off her Albuquerque street, Amethyst is plunged into a hidden world of magic where no one can be trusted and nobody is quite what they seem.

As she struggles to hold on to her normal life, an ancient spirit pursues her, warning of magic grown toxic and dangerously unstable by the disappearance of wizards. A homeless man mumbles about a predator that drains wizards of power, leaving behind tormented shadows. Amethyst had better learn to use her untested wizardry before the predator catches up to her—if the magic doesn’t explode and destroy the world first.

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Author’s Note

Okay, I admit it: I’m one of those people who names their cars. And besides, I just love cars, the sportier and more aggressive, the better. I put all my favorite things in this book: cars, pit bulls, stained glass, New Mexico, and the California coast.

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