Kathlena L. Contreras

– A slipstream short story – 

Around the edges and between the cracks of the ordinary world lurks a shadow world, an otherplace of unrealized possibilities.

Something hunts Dee. The image she sees in the mirror isn’t her, but the shadow of another possible self. But no matter how far she runs, she can’t escape her shadow. And this one is determined to take Dee’s place.

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Author’s Note

A newspaper article gave me the idea for this story. It was about a severely mentally ill woman who disappeared, only to turn up some time later with a different name, a different personality– and she was no longer mentally ill. Besides giving me chills, it made me wonder what makes us who we are. I explore this question in “Foreshadow.”

Disclaimer: names, characters, locations and events in the story came entirely from my imagination.


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