Kathlena L. Contreras

– Evil speaks the words we wish most to hear – 

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For the price of a loaf of bread, young Jen spins her spells in the squalid marketplaces of the City’s slums. But when her father sells her to the wizard Barras for gold, Jen finds herself bound to a man who holds her utterly in his power.

So begin five years of reluctant apprenticeship, while Jen schemes to open a gateway to the Otherworlds, her only hope of escaping Barras’ binding. Yet she remains blind to another, more profound binding—the abuse she suffered as a girl that poisons her soul and allows a dark and ancient entity housed in a black stone to entice her into its power with promises of freedom. Before she can resist the whispers of the malevolent spirit beguiling her into evil, Jen must first conquer the darkness within her.

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Shadowbound won the Florida First Coast contest competing against novels of all genres. It also took second place in Science Fiction and Fantasy in the Maryland Writers and Karen Junker’s Writer’s Weekend contests.

Author’s Notes

This is another book that morphed. I originally conceived it as a story about a young wizard-woman struggling to escape her master, who certainly has nefarious intentions toward her. Soon after I started writing it, though, I realized that her master wasn’t the problem– Jen was. Although Jen does struggle with her master, the greater struggle is with her own dark impulses and the places they lead her.

The book’s voice was very clear in my mind while I wrote it, although it’s different from my other stories, as well as quite a bit darker.

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