K. Lynn Bay

A brutal invader. A peaceful world. And one woman born to stand between them

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ChaceShaper by K. Lynn Bay

For a generation, the Maga invaders have been ravaging the world. Now the world has forged a defender.

Kara, daughter of a great healer, knows only the life of a slave in the toxic darkness of a Maga mine. Her murdered mother’s healing herbs grow untended while her family toils in the fields to grow food for Maga tables. What else can they do? The world binds them to its peace. Violence is unthinkable.

Yet Kara is anything but peaceful. She’d wipe the Maga off the face of the earth if she could. When the Maga accuse her of sabotage and she has to run for her life, Kara discovers that she has the ability to alter chance to make her wishes a reality.

But her wishes bring only storm and chaos. Soon, the violence that follows her ignites a war between Maga factions, forcing her into an improbable alliance with Maga Master Gerek… a tie that, against Kara’s every instinct, begins to grow into something more.

As she struggles to control her wild power, Kara will find out if her willingness to fight the hated Maga will heal the living world—or destroy it.

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ChanceShaper was a semi-finalist in the Warner Aspect First Novel contest and took third place in the Southwest Writers contest in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Author’s Notes

This book stewed for a long time. In it’s original incarnation, Kara was a shifter and Selkellen, her teacher, was a tall, graceful catlike creature called a Siluthe. Selkellen eventually became a human scientist and tinkerer from an Earth much like our own, while gaining a partner, Jewel, a fey warrior-woman. Kara finally shifted into her chance-shaping self with a mystical link to the living earth, a gift that gives her almost unstoppable powers. Between her intentions and those of the world, her wishes tend to go much further than she plans.

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