Dec 25

ChanceShaper After-Christmas Sale

ChanceShaper will be on sale today through December 30 as a Countdown Deal on Amazon. Hurry! The price goes up each day.

A brutal invader. A peaceful world. And one woman born to stand between them.

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Click to buy for Kindle

For twenty years, the Maga invaders have been ravaging the world. Now the world has forged a defender: a woman who can touch its living power.

Kara, daughter of a great healer, knows only the life of a slave in the toxic darkness of a Maga mine. Her murdered mother’s healing herbs grow untended while the remnants of her family toil in the fields to grow food for Maga tables. What else can they do? The world binds them to its peace. Violence is unthinkable.

Yet Kara is anything but peaceful. She’d wipe the Maga and all their works off the face of the earth, if she could. Still, it’s eerie the way disaster follows her through the mine. When the Maga accuse her of sabotage and she has to run for her life, Kara discovers that she is the cause of those disasters: she has the ability to alter chance to make her wishes a reality.

But her wishes bring only storm and chaos. Soon, the violence that follows her ignites a war between Maga factions, forcing her into an improbable alliance with Maga Master Gerek…a connection that, against Kara’s every instinct, becomes something more. As she struggles to control her wild power, Kara will learn if her willingness to fight the hated Maga will heal the living world—or destroy it.

I started writing this story when I was working an absolutely horrible temp job. My assignment was filing. When I showed up on the first day, I was ushered into an office in a big, windowless room in a concrete building that had likely once been a warehouse. Filing cabinets lined two walls, and stacked 6 inches or so deep on top of every cabinet were papers to be filed. Numerically.

Day after tedious, windowless day, I filed those papers. I couldn’t let my attention wander, or I’d get that numeric filing screwed up. It was then that I came up with a story about a young woman enslaved in a mine, desperate to find a better world. After many years and many re-writes, that story became ChanceShaper.


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