Jan 17

Countdown to Blackthorne

My cover designer, Glendon Haddix, sent a mock-up for the cover of Blackthorne, and I’m getting excited about the upcoming release. What has me stoked is how perfectly Glendon captured Blackthorne’s attitude. To quote a line from the book: “Don’t ever get on my bad side.” Or in Blackthorne’s language, Vi nak dosta moj stranja zel’y.

This is my favorite book, about a dark lord from an alternate reality who is befriended by a teenage girl here. Ro Cheney, the girl, gains a powerful protector in the bargain. You don’t want to mess with a girl whose most trusted friend is a former dark lord.

Keeping in mind that his very name strikes terror into the hearts of a world’s people, this is one of my favorite parts in the book, after Blackthorne takes Ro into his protection:

Blackthorne sat at the glass-topped dining table, mopping up the last of an enormous plate of spaghetti with a crust of sourdough. Thank god she hadn’t offered to buy his groceries, too.

Ro got up and took his empty salad bowl and the empty bread basket. “Been doing magic, huh?”

He grinned up at her. “How did you guess?” He stood and carried his plate into the kitchen.

She grabbed it from him. “Uh-uh. That’s my job.”

He scowled. “You are not my maid, Ro.”

“Besides,” she said. “You don’t know how to load a dishwasher the right way.”

“This is what I get for telling you to consider this your home.”

“Yep. That’s right.”

He gave her an evil smile, all thin and squinty. “I found a car for you.”

Good shot. “How much?”

“That’s my concern.”


“Do I argue with you about doing the housework?”

 “Um…” She rolled her eyes up, pretending to think about it. “Yeah. As a matter of fact, you do.”

“Well then. I suppose that means you can argue with me about the car.”

She propped fists on hips. “I thought we weren’t supposed to keep score.”

“Am I?”

“Oh, please. Okay, I can’t stop you from buying a car. But if it’s more than I can afford, I’m not driving it.”

“Poor Janice.” He shook his head sadly. “Forced to do her old job as well as her new one. If only Ro had a car, so she could take over my assistant’s tasks!”

“That is so not fair.”

The evil smile turned into an evil grin. “Who plays fair? Not me.”

She shoved him toward the kitchen door. “You’re a jerk. Out.”

Hmmm. Blackthorne wants to make Ro his assistant. Does this mean she’s on the road to becoming a minion? 🙂

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