Jul 13

Crooked Magic Cover

Glendon of Streetlight Graphics finished the cover for Crooked Magic, the sequel to Familiar Magic. Now it’s up to me to finish the book. I’m about 2/3 of the way there. Click here for a teaser.

In Crooked Magic, the wizards are back and it’s up to Amethyst, Talys, and Jas to keep them from turning the country into a bunch of little corporate-owned kingdoms. A nice, straightforward job–as long as Amethyst can avoid the shadowy figure who calls himself Ragman, a broker who sells wizards to the highest bidder. And charming, slippery Jas, who’s determined to pick up where he and Amethyst left off last year.

If you’d like a free pre-release copy in exchange for posting your review when the book is published, contact me.

Crooked Magic by Kathlena L. Contreras


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