Jan 01

Images from Familiar Magic

I recently signed up on Pintrest. The site is a real rabbit hole, where I can spend hours finding cool images to pin on my boards. It’s also a great way to find potential cover artists, with the added benefit that I sometimes find images that were much like I imagined in my books. These are so close to what I had in mind in Familiar Magic that it’s eerie.

A Sky Full of Stars by Charlie Bowater

This artwork by Charlie Bowater titled “A Sky Full of Stars” is almost spot-on for Amethyst Rey. Streetlight Graphics did great covers for both Familiar Magic and Crooked Magic, which I’m working on now, but I’d love to see this on the cover of one of my Land of Enchantment books someday. Maybe the third one. 😉

In Familiar Magic, Amethyst gets a big commission to do a stained glass window for the Magus Building in Albuquerque. The art below is an awful lot like what I envisioned. It’s by Matt Ehrsam Designs.

Magus building stained glass in Familiar Magic





If you’ve been following me here, you might’ve noticed I’ve been pretty quiet for a while. Life happened over the summer and derailed me for a bit, but signs are good that I’ll be back on track in 2015. Little by little, I’m working on Crooked Magic, the sequel to Familiar Magic, and am about 2/3 of the way through the book. I can’t promise a date for it yet (hopefully the first half of this year), but if you’d like to be notified when it’s available, you can sign up for my mailing list (at the end of this post or the top right of the page), comment here or contact me directly. I’d love to hear from you.

Happy New Year to you! May your year be an adventure that brings you closer to your goals and dreams and that concludes with a Happily Ever After.

Kathlena L. Contreras / K. Lynn Bay







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