May 12

Crooked Magic Blurb

Okay, so the book is finished and the cover is ready. The only thing left is the all-important blurb. What’s the story about?

A lot– maybe most– authors hate writing blurbs. I won’t say it isn’t hard. I can sit down and spend hours putting a blurb together, then days after that tinkering with it until it seems right. And I do have to get myself in a certain frame of mind to write one. But actually, I don’t hate doing it. Sometimes it’s even kind of fun.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s my first stab at the blurb for Crooked Magic. What do you think?

Wizards are back and doing what they did in past ages—meddling in the affairs of ordinary folk. But as far as Amethyst Rey is concerned, a bunch of other wizards who’ve been out of the world for however-many centuries aren’t gonna come stomping in and rearranging the world to suit themselves. Albuquerque is her town, and she’ll protect it.

That was the idea, anyway—until Amethyst lands square in the sights of the shadowy figure who calls himself Ragman, a broker who sells wizards’ services to the highest bidder. If she wants to keep her freedom, Amethyst will have to take extreme measures. And the most extreme is partnering with charming, devious Jas Harker, who’s determined to pick up where Amethyst broke things off last year.

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