Aug 20

Crooked Magic

Kathlena L. Contreras

– The Land of Enchantment – Book 3

Crooked Magic by Kathlena L. ContrerasWizards are back and selling their services to the people in power. Amethyst Rey has just been outed as a wizard, and now she’s for sale to the highest bidder—whether she wants to be or not.

Amethyst just wants to live quietly as a stained glass artist. But when she and Talys, her familiar, confront another wizard who’s meddling in local New Mexico politics, she lands herself square in the sights of the shadowy figure called Ragman, a headhunter who supplies wizards to corporate clients.

When the game of cat and mouse with Ragman and his hired thugs turns deadly, Amethyst is forced to partner with Jas Harker, the wizard who almost ensnared her last year. But charming, devious Jas always has his own agenda. And this time, he’s maneuvering to pick up where he and Amethyst left off.

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Author’s note: This book had a difficult birth. All was well in the beginning. I was writing along, having fun. Then at about the turning point, bam. I got stuck. I was so stuck, I started Ash Fall and wrote almost a third of it while waiting for the spark to return to Crooked Magic. Ash Fall was going so quickly, I thought I might have it done in a month or two when something very bad and sad and painful happened in my life: I lost my beloved little pit bull to a sudden and violent death.

Not everyone will understand this, but grieving for an animal can be as hard and painful– even harder and more painful– than grieving for a human. I stopped writing at all for a good six months. I simply didn’t have anything in me to write.

When I was finally able to start putting down a few words again, I returned to Crooked Magic. Amethyst’s state of mind in the second half of the book mirrored my own. I was able to write what she was going through with an immediacy I might not have been able to before.


  1. Good to know that Crooked Magic is out now. Familiar Magic was exciting, and I look forward to further excitement with Crooked Magic. Excellent cover, too.

    1. Thanks, Don! I hope you enjoy it.

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