Oct 18

Could It Be Magic

Kathlena L. Contreras

– The Land of Enchantment – Book 5 –

Could It Be Magic cover5

Amethyst Rey has a big problem. Jas Harker, wizard and corporate magnate, wants her to marry him.

Sure, he’s rich, he’s charming, and he’s handsome enough to make Amethyst dizzy. But when she first came into her own powers two years ago, Jas led her on, used his magic on her, and hurt her more than she wants to admit. Amethyst learned her lesson. Don’t get close. And never, ever drop her guard.

But it’s not easy to keep fighting her attraction to him, and Jas has been working hard to convince her that he made a mistake. Amethyst has to decide if the magic they share—literally and poetically—is worth risking her heart again.

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Author’s note: After I finished Crooked Magic, Book 3 of the Land of Enchantment series, I began thinking about the next novel in the series. I’d already written This Magic Moment, a short story that takes place about a year after Crooked Magic, and knew how I wanted the next novel to start. But then I got to thinking, wait a minute. There’s a lot that happens between the end of This Magic Moment and the beginning of the next Enchantment novel. I really need to fill that gap.

The result is a romance. I had so much fun writing This Magic Moment I couldn’t resist seeing how Jas and Amethyst’s relationship continues to develop. Of course, since it’s Jas and Amethyst, it won’t be smooth and easy, no matter how smooth Jas may be.

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