Jan 05

Snow Day

In Chapter 15 of Could It Be Magic, Amethyst, Jas, Melodie and Marl go snowboarding at the Sandia Peak Ski Area. I’ve been up on the mountain numerous times for hiking and such, but not being a winter sports* enthusiast, never in the winter. When our first big snow of the season came right after Christmas, I decided it was time to correct that oversight.

What’s interesting about Sandia Ski is that it’s basically in Albuquerque’s backyard, as the Sandia Mountains mark the eastern border of Albuquerque. If you want to ski, you can either take the Sandia Peak Tramway to the top of the mountain, or drive around the mountain through Tijeras Canyon and up Highway 14, the scenic Turquoise Trail.

Here are the photos from my visit.

Sandia Peak day lodge

The Sandia Peak day lodge from the parking lot


*Note to self: Snowboarding doesn’t look easy

Boards and skis


  1. The photos evoke such memories of another time.

    1. Have you skied there, Don?

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