Aug 20

Fated Magic

Kathlena L. Contreras –

A Land of Enchantment Novel –

A dangerous wizard. A gifted seer. A love that could change the future.

Seeress for the mob…

Emilia Dunmoor is a woman out of place and time. Thrust into the modern world, she scrapes out a meager living telling fortunes to curious tourists. It’s a bleak, lonely fall from the life she once led, when she was beloved, when she belonged. Then the dream comes again, where she’s hunted by a dragon…

The Dragon of Russia…

Vadim Dragovich takes what he wants. And when Emilia’s slim fingers close around his for a palm reading, he knows he wants her. Centuries ago, even his wizardry couldn’t prevent him from losing his power and the empire he’d built as a warlord. But Emilia’s gift of foresight will make sure that never happens again—and will cement his control over the territory he’s ripped from California’s Russian mob.

Captured by the Dragon, Emilia’s only weapons are her wits and her gift. But as she’s drawn deeper into Vadim’s violent world, she begins to see another side to this formidable, contradictory man. And she realizes with heart-wrenching clarity that her choice must be between freedom…or saving the life of a mobster with a noble heart.

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    • donbay2013 on August 20, 2017 at 10:07 pm
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    Appealing blurb. Good work.

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