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Dec 17

Love Comes in Unexpected Packages

I saw this on The Passive Voice, a writer’s blog I read. Besides being way cool (LOVE Mrs. C’s red chopper!), it brought tears to my eyes. So nice and warm and gentle after all the ugliness of the election. Merry Christmas, joyous Yule, and happy holidays to you! Love, Kathy

Apr 18

Amazon and the Attack of the Zombie Scammers

It’s a day just like any other. The sun is shining, birds are singing. A neighbor calls a cheerful greeting as Mom and Dad see the kids off to school. Then, from across the street, a scream splits the air. A young mother flings her phone away and presses her children back from the menace on the screen. A teenage …

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Dec 27

Women, Know Your Limits!

Okay, I’ll admit right up front, the title of this post is clickbait. But it’s applicable– I promise! In Chapter 10 of Could It Be Magic, Amethyst sarcastically apologizes to Jas for offering her opinion by telling him that in the future, she’ll only talk about fluffy little kittens. When I wrote that line, I had this …

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Oct 18

Could It Be Magic

Could It Be Magic - Kathlena L. Contreras

Kathlena L. Contreras – The Land of Enchantment – Book 5 – Amethyst Rey has a big problem. Jas Harker, wizard and corporate magnate, wants her to marry him. Sure, he’s rich, he’s charming, and he’s handsome enough to make Amethyst dizzy. But when she first came into her own powers two years ago, Jas …

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Mar 15

Dissecting a Sentence

Dave Barry is one of my all-time favorite humorists. Here’s his take on how to diagram a sentence. Ask Mr. Language Person Q. Please explain how to diagram a sentence. A. First spread the sentence out on a clean, flat surface, such as an ironing board. Then, using a sharp pencil or X-Acto knife, locate …

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Sep 29

Cesar Milan on South Park

I recently went to see Cesar Milan live. During the performance, Cesar showed this clip from South Park. I laughed so hard I hurt.  

Sep 05

This Bed’s for Rollin’

I’m pretty sure this is what my dogs do when we leave them alone…  

May 24

Training Frank

You know those funny emails friends and family send from time to time? I got one today that I enjoyed. Here’s my favorite photo of the bunch: This is the work of photographer Terry Border, who makes humorous tableaux out of wire and everyday objects. Check out his website for many, many more.

Mar 09

Tense Joke

The past, present and future walked into a bar. It was tense. Thanks to The Passive Voice and Etsy.

Feb 08

The World Has Officially Ended

We were driving up I-25 toward Santa Fe, and I saw a sign for… 50 Shades of Gray: The Musical Wait–what? Seriously? I mean, does Ana sing arias as Christian snaps her into fur-lined handcuffs and spanks her, or what? Dear god, we’re doomed. Absolutely, unquestionably doomed. Five minutes later, after an internet search… Oh! …

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