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Oct 08

The Best of All Possible Worlds

The Best of All Possible Worlds by Karen Lord My rating: 5 of 5 stars Like many writers, I read a lot. This book was recommended by C. Gockel, another writer whose work I enjoy. One of my favorite stories is her novelette, “Magic After Midnight,” included in the anthology Once Upon a Curse. Her …

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Nov 24

When the Pig Came to School

Every once in a while, I think about posting a review for a book I’ve read. Like many good intentions, I never quite manage to get around to it, instead spending my writing time on my own books. Well, this time I’m finally putting thought into action. My stepmom, Ewa Carlsson, who designed my Flying …

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Apr 18

Amazon and the Attack of the Zombie Scammers

It’s a day just like any other. The sun is shining, birds are singing. A neighbor calls a cheerful greeting as Mom and Dad see the kids off to school. Then, from across the street, a scream splits the air. A young mother flings her phone away and presses her children back from the menace on the screen. A teenage …

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Oct 27

Could It Be Magic – Chapter 2

Crooked Magic by Kathlena L. Contreras

Here’s a new chapter of Book 5 in The Land of Enchantment series. Click here to read Chapter 1. Santa Fe Amethyst’s relationship was Jas wasn’t, as she’d told Mama, strictly a professional one. But it sure wasn’t a romantic one, either. She was morbidly curious to find out what a real, live, official date with …

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Aug 31

99-Cent Sale on Flying Tiger Books

September is Sale Month for Flying Tiger books To celebrate the release of Crooked Magic, $0.99 promotions are running through the month of September for most Flying Tiger Press titles. Check them out on Amazon. By K. Lynn Bay: September 1 – 4 – ChanceShaper      September 9 – 12 – Blackthorne          …

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Feb 02

What the Hack?

I’m suddenly seeing the word hack word come up in popular usage. “Productivity hacks for writing.” “Healthy hacks for game day.” “Simple life hacks.” I’m having a lot of trouble with this word. What does it mean? Okay, it’s being used as a noun. Reading from context, it seems to have about as much meaning as …

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Jan 27

Writing Rules

A graphic I recently saw on Pintrest called “Said is Dead” made me want to ::headdesk::. Now, to be fair, it’s from a fourth-grade teacher’s blog, but seems to have found its way onto writing boards. Don’t even ask me how you can smirk or giggle and speak at the same time. “Nothing screams ‘amateur’ like this …

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Jun 16

Flying Tiger Press T-Shirts

Flying Tiger Press shirt

Check out the new Flying Tiger Press T-Shirt store on! You can choose from a variety of designs in both men’s or women’s shirts, and customize your shirt in your choice of color, size and style. Designs include cover art from Flying Tiger Press books including taglines on the back, or with taglines only. If you …

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May 13

The Price is Right– Or Maybe Not

There’s a lot of debate in the indie writing community about the “right” price for ebooks. There are advocates for free and 99-cent novels, all the way up to Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch, who argue for pricing as high as $7.99 for novels. A few writers have attempted to quantify the “sweet spot” …

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Apr 02

Be Yourself

We were travelling over the past week, and I saw a tote in a shop window with this saying: Be yourself. Everyone else is taken. I really like that. It seems I run into so many messages saying, “You should be like this,” or “You should do that.” While it’s important to strive and grow, …

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