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Jun 16

Flying Tiger Press T-Shirts

Check out the new Flying Tiger Press T-Shirt store on! You can choose from a variety of designs in both men’s or women’s shirts, and customize your shirt in your choice of color, size and style. Designs include cover art from Flying Tiger Press books including taglines on the back, or with taglines only. If you …

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Dec 03

The Making of Springtime in Hades

  Ever since I was little, I’ve been fascinated with mythology, when I had this great children’s book of Greek and Roman myths and legends that I’d read over and over. The Persephone and Hades myth was my favorite, but I never felt the story was told right. I wasn’t all that interested in what …

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Springtime in Hades

K. Lynn Bay A sweet romantic retelling of the Persephone and Hades myth Perry has the courtship from Hell– literally. Too bad that isn’t her only problem. When Perry’s powers as an earth sorceress finally come just before her nineteenth birthday, she’s thrilled. Then comes the bad news. Her powers are a little …

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