K. Lynn Bay

Blackthorne cover - K. Lynn Bay

A dark lord from another universe. A lonely young woman. A fateful meeting between them changes both their lives forever– and leaves the fate of two worlds hanging by his forgotten past.
In another world, an evil mage called the Storm Lord fights for his life. As his enemies breach the walls of his fortress, he pours his strength into a desperate spell that opens a portal between realities. His power shatters under the strain and he leaps, tumbling into darkness.
Driving along a gravel road in California’s Sierra foothills, Ro Cheney wishes she had someone, anyone she could trust. Then a black hole opens and spills a man onto the road. He’s wounded, strangely dressed, doesn’t speak English—and doesn’t remember even his own name. When she lays a compassionate hand on his shoulder, the shoulder of a man who has known nothing but violence and hatred, she sets a bond between them that changes both their lives forever.
But for the man Ro names Blackthorne, the past won’t rest. Stalking him across the worlds are five vengeful mages, determined to destroy the monster who devastated their own world. Before he faces them, he must battle a far more terrible enemy within—the Storm Lord himself, who struggles to emerge from the darkness of Blackthorne’s buried memories

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