K. Lynn Bay

ChanceShaper - K. Lynn Bay

 A brutal invader. A peaceful world. And one woman born to stand between them.

Kara knows only the life of a slave in a Maga mine. But when a disastrous explosion propels her to freedom, she stumbles into a destiny much greater—and just as unwelcome.
She discovers that she possesses a strange, unpredictable power that can challenge the domination of the Maga invaders, one that makes her an outcast among her own people and a target for the vengeful Maga.
From the deadly depths of a Maga mine, to a hidden refuge, to the treacherous halls of a Maga Master, Kara leaves behind an unwitting trail of storm and destruction. As she struggles to control her wild power, she’ll find out if her determination to stop the hated Maga will defend the world—or destroy it.

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