Fated Magic

Kathlena L. Contreras

Fated Magic – a Land of Enchantment novel

A dangerous wizard. A gifted seer. A love that could change the future.

Fated Magic coverA gifted woman…

 Emilia Dunmoor is a woman out of place and time. As she ekes out a living telling fortunes on the fringes of a modern world she barely recognizes, her lonely heart aches for her lost life as an English gentlewoman, when she was beloved and protected.

When a tall, compelling man places his hand in hers for a palm reading, she realizes he’s the nightmare that has followed her across the centuries to find her in the present. The notorious Dragon of Russia.

A dangerous wizard…

The moment Emilia’s slender fingers stroke his palm, Vadim Dragovich knows he’s found the key to cementing his control over the territory he’s ripped from California’s Russian mob. Emilia’s gift of foresight will help him rebuild the dynasty he lost centuries ago, when he was a warlord who stopped at nothing to protect his domain and its people.

Caught in the Dragon’s snare, Emilia’s only weapons are her wits—and her gift. But as she’s drawn deeper into Vadim’s violent world, she begins to see another side to this formidable, contradictory man. And she realizes with heartbreaking clarity that the vision that sets her free could sentence a mobster with a noble heart to death.

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