Project Type: Fantasy Novels

Standalone fantasy novels by Kathlena L. Contreras and K. Lynn Bay

Springtime in Hades

Springtime in Hades - K. Lynn Bay, Kathlena L. Contreras

K. Lynn Bay Perry has the courtship from Hell—literally. Too bad that isn’t her only problem. When Perry’s powers as an earth sorceress finally come just before her nineteenth birthday, she’s thrilled. Then comes the bad news. Her powers are a little extreme. Wherever she goes, everything grows like crazy. That’s awkward enough, but it …

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ChanceShaper - K. Lynn Bay

K. Lynn Bay  A brutal invader. A peaceful world. And one woman born to stand between them. Kara knows only the life of a slave in a Maga mine. But when a disastrous explosion propels her to freedom, she stumbles into a destiny much greater—and just as unwelcome. She discovers that she possesses a strange, …

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Blackthorne - K. Lynn Bay

K. Lynn Bay A dark lord from another universe. A lonely young woman. A fateful meeting between them changes both their lives forever– and leaves the fate of two worlds hanging by his forgotten past. In another world, an evil mage called the Storm Lord fights for his life. As his enemies breach the walls …

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Shadowbound - Kathlena L. Contreras

Kathlena L. Contreras For the price of a loaf of bread, young Jen spins her spells in the squalid marketplaces of the City’s slums. But when her father sells her to the wizard Barras for gold, Jen finds herself bound to a man who holds her utterly in his power. So begin five years of …

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